A (74: 1×3) 01003020 collection sebastien janssen,
photo tomas uyttendaele

A (99: 8×9) 00321040 collection karel en martine hooft, photo tomas uyttendaele

Sunday 1 July 2018, 1.45pm | happening at Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Nieuwe Vaart 123, 9000 Ghent


In the early seventies André Cadere made sticks from wooden blocks, mathematically ordered by colour, the series always being disrupted with one mistake (exchanging two colours). With these paintings without end the artist would appear at openings of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as in other private or public spaces. In part because Cadere had a relatively large number of exhibitions in Belgium, many of his works ended up in Belgian art collections. More than 30 years after Cadere, Audrey Cottin made remakes of these works owned by Belgian art collectors, this time made from rolled up plastic ribbons of industrial fly curtains. Another ten years later, Stijn Van Dorpe unrolls copies of these imitations and restores them to functional fly curtains that are donated to interested residents of the Watervlietstraat in the Rabotwijk in Ghent.

On Sunday 1 Juli 2018 at 1.45pm there will be a happening [i] starting from Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Nieuwe Vaart 123, 9000 Ghent. The happening will take half an hour and is a collaboration between Audrey Cottin and Stijn Van Dorpe.

[i] The word happening is freely used after the meaning the Situationists gave to it, as a staged, poetic and order-disruptive action in public space.